Oriental Delight - dried fruit, spices, incense and henna

Abba Moosa Wholesalers in Durban - for imported foodstuffs, confectionary, spices, incense and henna from India, Pakistan, Hong Kong and China.

Our foodstuff range includes pulses and grains - dry beans, dhalls, parboiled rice, fragrant rice, basmathi rice - Spanish Saffron, tamarinds, salt, fresh and desiccated coconuts, Jutland sardines, vegetable ghee and dried shrimps.

Also imported into South Africa are whole spices, betelnuts, Oriental Delight dried fruits, henna and aluminium pots.

Our Oriental Delight dried fruit confectionary range includes dried Bhor, figs, dates, green pista, dried mango,lovers plum, mango slices, red mango, mebos roll, milky prune, seedless plum, shredded China fruit and plum candy.

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