Pulses and Grains - beans, peas, masoors, moong and more

We stock pulses and grains including beans, peas, chick peas, masoors, moong, urad, dholls, Whole Vaal, Basmati Rice, Thai rice and parboiled rice. The range of beans includes Crome, Black Eyed, Kidney, Jugo, Red, Sugar and small white.
Our range of peas: Whole White Chick Peas, Whole Chick Peas, Yellow Split Peas and Rondo Peas. We also stock Pink Masoor, Large Masoor, Eagle Masoor, Crushed Moong, Whole Moong and Yellow Moong.
Other pulses and grains include Black Urad, Clean Urad, Oil Dholl, Vaal Dholl, Whole Vaal, Basmati Rice, Parboiled Rice (White), Parboiled Rice (Brown) and Fragrant Thai Rice

Crome Beans

Black Eyed Beans

Whole Chick Peas

Jugo Beans

Whole White Chick Peas

Kidney Beans

Pink Masoor

Large Masoor

Eagle Masoor

Crushed Moong

Whole Moong

Yellow Moong

Oil Dholl

Yellow Split Peas

Red Beans

Rondo Peas

Sugar Beans

Small White Beans

Black Urad

Clean Urad

Vaal Dholl

Whole Vaal

Basmati Rice

Parboiled Rice (White)

Fragrant Thai Rice

Parboiled Rice (Brown)

To enquire about our pulses and grains

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