Dried fruit, bhor, pista, mebos, peanuts and almonds

A wide range of dried fruits and nuts including Dried Bhor, dried figs, block and loose dates, almonds, green pista, raw peanuts, dried mango, lovers plum, mango slices, red mango, mebos roll, milky prune, seedless plum, shredded China fruit, shredded plum, sour plum, wet plum, white China fruit, red China fruit and plum candy.

Bhor (Dried)

Figs (Dried)

Dates (Block or Loose)

Dried Mango

Lovers Plum

Mango Slices

Red Mango

Mebos Roll

Milky Prune

Seedless Plum

Sour Prune

Shredded China Fruit

Shredded Plum

Sour Plum

Wet Plum

White China Fruit

Red China Fruit


Green Pista

Peanuts (Raw)

Plum Candy

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